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At Zilenzio, we set ourselves apart by offering more than just a product; we provide a comprehensive solution for which we take full responsibility.

Rooted in facts and in-depth knowledge

Our expertise is grounded in fact-based knowledge, enriched by 20 years of experience, and strengthened through collaborations with leading experts in acoustics, design, and sustainability.

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Expertise and high-quality products combined

Every space requires a tailored solution. We don’t just guess – we provide a customized solution with the right product, quantity, and placement to create an outstanding work environment.

We’re here for you

Let us assist you. We provide precise sound absorption calculations:

The right product

The best-suited products for your customers’ needs.

The right quantity

We optimize our products to get just the right amount of sound absorbers, taking into account the nature of the customer’s business and the characteristics of their premises.

The right placement

We help the customer place the products in their environment for optimal effect, providing a layout plan with high-quality and clear 3D images, normally within 24 hours.

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The Satisfaction Promise

Your satisfaction isn’t just important to us; it’s our promise. When you choose a recommended solution from us, you’re not just making a purchase, you’re investing in guaranteed results. We call it ‘The Satisfaction Promise’.

The power of triple synergy

Enjoy the perfect blend of functionality, Scandinavian design, and sustainability in one solution. All this comes together to make the best sound absorbers. Highlights of our approach include:

  • A reassuring 20-year warranty.
  • The use of stone wool as our main material – natural and 100% recyclable.
  • Assistance with product re-usage to extend their lifecycle.

Delve deeper into our commitment to sustainability.

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”The employees are now more energetic. We have also noticed a decreased sick leave rate. Our staff is now happier, and they feel better in the workplace. The impact has been positive in all aspects”

— Jonas Ahlstedt, CEO Transvoice


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The Zilenzio Experience

The Zilenzio Experience is a risk-free opportunity for you to explore the effectiveness of our solutions without incurring any costs, providing you the confidence you seek before making an investment decision.

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