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Therefore Zilenzio


3D visualization, one image says more than a thousand words.

We help you with:

1. The right product
Choice of the most beneficial products for your customers needs

2. The right amount
We’re doing a calculation to get the right amount of sound absorbers. We take great account of the customer’s business and the premises’ characteristics.

3. The right placement
We recommend placement for the highest effect. We present the proposal with fantastic and clear 3D images normally within 24h.




Zilenzio knowledge of sound and noise. In-depth knowledge of the product and how to use it. We can also train you to provide the opportunity to pass your knowledge on to your customer.

Sustainability, Function & Scandinavian design

All this is united in the best sound absorbers on the market. Some call it magic, we call it “The Zilenzio Way”.

Some of our customers