Our operations are guided by our commitment to quality and sustainable design. Quality and functionality are two attributes for which Zilenzio is famous – and this also applies to the products in the Zilenzio range. The development of products is directed towards providing the ultimate sound absorption, with details that have been designed to ensure that both functionality and user-friendliness high as possible for the customer.

“We truly care about the details of our products. This is what creates the feeling of quality for which they are known. Whether we are talking about sound absorption, functionality, or design, the product quality needs to be obvious,” says CEO and founder Marie Lindqvist-Pahlstad.

Our products are available at most of our retailer’s showrooms in Sweden, Norway, and throughout Europe. Our largest showroom is located in Örebron which is also the location of Zilenzio’s head office, administration, and showrooms. Many of the products have been installed in surroundings that enable our visitors to easily get an idea of how the product will fit their space and requirements. One of our production facilities is located just outside Örebro, in Fjugesta. At this woodworking facility, our many skilled craftsmen work to manufacture Zilenzio products for delivery all over the world.

“Quality assurance at all stages is paramount to us, so it is crucial to have committed employees who fully master the products, understand their construction, and are skilled in acoustics and design. These are our success factors,” Marie Lindqvist-Pahlstad concludes.