Enfo is a Scandinavian IT service provider of data driven transformation for its clients. We are 900 specialized experts working towards a more intelligent world, where technology strengthens individuals, businesses and communities. The Gothenburg office has office space for 175 employees. Pernilla Fogestam is Enfo’s office manager at the Gothenburg office and is responsible for all general office affairs.

Enfo was experiencing problems with far too high noise levels, in part due to so many people sharing the same area, and in the canteen, from where the sound would spread throughout the premises. Zilenzio helped Enfo find a solution, and Pernilla believes it made a big difference.

“The noise is not at all what it was. The biggest challenge was the lunch room, which is very tall and features a glass ceiling. The incredibly loud noise would spred throughout the office area. Now, the levels are normal. The feedback from my colleagues has been very positive”


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