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Prep Work exhibition explores the design, spatial and sensorial factors that synergise within the workplace of the future to improve morale, creativity, wellbeing and productivity.

This exhibition has its roots in a study on the future workplace, translating the findings into spatial design to illustrate changes in how we work, and more importantly where. It’s a series of curated experience-based zones, which contain the elements considered to enhance inspiration, motivation and efficiency in the workplace.

Aside from the visual and spatial aspect of this working environment, light conditions, sound insulation, tactility and scent are explored as key factors affecting workplace satisfaction.

Co-workers and colleagues also have a part to play in the working ecosystem, particularly with regards to diversity in personality, background, ethnicity and socio-political beliefs.

An ethnically diverse company is 35% more likely to outperform its peers.  Together with selected collaborators, with overlapping fields of expertise, Prep Work functions as a hub where seminars and dialogue will open up and investigate tomorrow’s workplaces.

For the exhibition, three day parts are interpreted: Warm Up, Production and Reflection—typical segments of an average day at work.

The segments in the exhibition are parts of a larger people-centric discussion around how the workplace of the future will not only look, but function holistically so that we can understand how to realise them in real life workplace architecture.