ÖBO is a public real estate company in the city of Örebro which was started as a foundation in 1946. In 1989 it became a stock company that is now wholly owned by the city of Örebro, and today we are a corporate group with three subsidiaries.

The mission of these companies is to provide the residents of Örebro with good homes. We have townhouses, villas, apartments and office spaces in central Örebro, in the different districts as well as in smaller parts of the city. Through the years, our social involvement and environmental and climate responsibility has expanded and we want to contribute to creating an attractive city where people are happy to live and work.

ÖBO offers living arrangements that meet the requirements of the residents of Örebro. Together we can make the city of Örebro an attractive place where people are happy to both live and work.
ÖBO’s business idea is to provide attractive and varied housing and office spaces with good working and living environments.

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