Schallabsorbern für Decken Zilenzio

Is your noise level green?

Sound and noise are often presented in different units and rates, e.g. decibel, N10, NRC, ABC classification and so on. The issue with all these terms is that they are difficult to understand in practice – in other words to translate into how you and your ears perceive them.


Our aim is to explain how to create a good work environment in a way that everyone can understand. We have chosen to use STI, which stands for Speech Transmission Index, as the basis. STI measures speech intelligibility and is shown on a numerical scale from 0 to 1. When spoken words can be heard clearly, the STI is above 0.5 (red). An STI of 0.2-0.5 (yellow) is partially understood, while speech with an STI of <0.2 (green) cannot be understood. Environments with an STI of <0.2 are seen as pleasant, low-stress environments, while those with higher levels have the opposite effect.


This can be compared to reading a text where the letters are gradually removed until there are only a few left, and the text is only perceived as random letters. ”Genom att försöka det “omöjliga” når man högsta graden eav det möjliga.” August Strindberg


At Zilenzio, we go out in the field to measure the noise of human speech in schools, offices, restaurants, hotels and public areas. STI values can differ significantly, depending on the size of the area, furniture, ceiling height and so on. Yet, in 100% of cases we can significantly reduce noise levels, even to STI levels of <0.2, where the environment is perceived as very quiet. How much silence can be achieved is really only limited by how much you want to invest. We can provide everything from simple table screens and ceiling installations to more enveloping floor screen cubicles. The advantage of the latter is that they also remove visual noise, by obscuring movements that would otherwise be perceived as distracting and stress-causing.


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