Noise levels cause dissatisfied employees

Leesman, a research company, asked 931,000 people from 6,500 companies in 108 countries to rank the most important factors in the workplace. The result was a list of 50 points. The rankings were made using degree of importance and degree of satisfaction as parameters. Sound level is in the top ten, with a degree of importance of 70,8%. But looking at degree of satisfaction, things become even more interesting. Only 32.8% of the respondents are satisfied with the sound environment in their workplace – in other words, nearly 67 % are dissatisfied. This means that unwanted noises is the most important issue (after temperature) in the office.


The conclusion? Using simple sound dampening measures will result in happier employees. This means a more pleasant workplace, which again leads to increased productivity, less stress, lower sick leave, increased profitability and not least a higher attractiveness as an employer. As you probably know, more talented people apply for the most attractive workplaces.


At Zilenzio, we have worked scientifically for almost 20 years to remove noise and disturbing sounds from people talking in the workplace, in schools and in public spaces. We do this sustainably, both from an environmental and a financial perspective. We attach great importance to the visual, ensuring that our sound dampening solutions have a stylish and timeless design that appeals to the eye.



Leesman asked office workers what was most important at work. Noise level was the factor they were most dissatisfied with, second only to temperature. Read more about the study here