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Why noise is bad for business (and for your health!)

Phones ringing, loud conversations, a copier in high gear and the constant dings of incoming emails from colleagues’ computers. Sound familiar? For many, it is an accurate description of their everyday work environment.


Many people are unaware that the noise level at their place of work is too high. Loud noise affects not only our ability to work, but also our health and quality of life, both during and outside of working hours. Undesirable and unnecessary sounds, what we call noise, can lead to hearing impairment, fatigue and concentration difficulties. Noise can also trigger our stress hormones, increasing the risk of high blood pressure. For employers, poor acoustics in the workplace can mean long-term sick leave and staff shortages.


It has become increasingly common for workplaces to be characterized by open office landscapes. An open landscape is practical and social since it makes it easier to communicate with your employees, but there are more risks. People conversing together is one of the biggest sources of sound in our workplaces, and impossible for our ears to filter out. When we are exposed to a conversation between two people nearby, we risk being as much as 66 percent less productive than with a lower sound level. It becomes more difficult to focus on our tasks, which leads to impaired work results.



At Zilenzio we are passionate about creating pleasant working environments. We know that our sound-absorbing products help prevent sick leave and reduce unfavorable work results in workplaces with open office landscapes. Zilenzio offers high-quality sound absorption through thoughtful, durable and stylish solutions. Our products are the result of a long and broad knowledge and experience in sound and sound environment design. We provide tailored solutions for each individual need and help with everything from planning and location – ensuring a safe and secure workplace.