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Delta Leaves

Wall Absorber

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Leaves is a modular collection of acoustic wall panels. They are designed in 3 sizes, in order to fit all spaces, from a compact meeting room to a vast open space. They can be used alone or together, horizontally or vertically, and can be combined in an infinite variety of compositions. Their shapes, between geometry and smoothness, allow for refined as well as creative combinations. It adds a bit of playfulness in the workplace. The collection also invites to play with colors and textures, by creating soft camaieus for instance. 2 models of shelves complete the collection. They are specially designed to fit with the panels, to add additional function and to take advantage of walls.


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This product is a part of the Zilenzio Pro family.
Zilenzio Pro brings together the best in function, design and durability. All products in the series use Stone Wool for exceptional sound absorption, a recyclable and ultra durable material that is also fire and water-resistant. Several are available with replaceable fabric to extend the product’s life and offer a truly sustainable alternative. Zilenzio Pro meets the market requirements with a complete and updated reference and labeling system.The system is based on three requirement areas. Quality (technical requirements), environment and responsible supply chains regarding socially, environmentally, and ethical responsibility.

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