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Nya Elementar

Nya Elementar is one of Stockholm’s largest primary schools with 1,200 students and 170 staff members. The school’s vision is for students to develop abilities that empower them to become co-creators of a sustainable world, through modern tools and methods in a secure environment that sparks students’ desire to learn.

The operations take place in an old building with high ceilings and stone walls. Consequently, the school has faced challenges with the acoustic environment, negatively affecting students’ concentration. The dealer, Orderinvest, and Nya Elementar sought the assistance of Zilenzio to improve the acoustic environment in classrooms, the canteen, and the café.

“We chose Zilenzio because we were drawn to the design of their products, but also because, in our conversations with the company, we found them to be very knowledgeable in the field of sound and how to work with a room to reduce noise levels,” says Marie Söderberg, administrative manager at Nya Elementar.

The comprehensive solution, including sound absorbers on both walls and ceilings, improved the learning and acoustic environment, providing students with the right conditions to concentrate and develop. Additionally, it uplifted the overall impression of the school through the colors and the design of the absorbers.

“The difference after installing Zilenzio’s sound absorbers is that I perceive the learning environment to be much better in the classroom. The sound doesn’t bounce around as much, making it easier for students to concentrate and participate in the lessons, as they can hear the teacher much better,” continues Marie.

Maria Norén Strandberg, a salesperson at the dealer Orderinvest, which delivered the solution, is satisfied with the collaboration with Zilenzio:

“It’s excellent! It feels straightforward, and I receive really good support. I know that when I collaborate with Zilenzio, I can provide the customer with the very best solution. Zilenzio is highly knowledgeable and professional, and I feel a tremendous sense of security that the customer is getting the best comprehensive solution and, moreover, with the best materials,” says Maria Norén Strandberg at Orderinvest.

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Drew Charter School

Drew Charter School is a renowned public charter school in Atlanta, Georgia, operating as a “cradle-to-college” institution for pre-kindergarten through high school students. It follows an innovative project-based learning curriculum, emphasizing academic excellence, character development, and college readiness. Drew Charter School became the first public school in the Atlanta Public Schools system to earn International Baccalaureate (IB) authorization for all grade levels. Located in the East Lake neighborhood, it has played a vital role in community revitalization and serves as a model for educational excellence and urban development.

The school has installed a sound-absorbing solution including products as Delta Ceiling, Dezibel Ceiling, Arc, and Zorla from Zilenzio to improve their sound environment.


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Zorla is a floor standing room divider with sound-absorbing effect. Perfect in school environments and office landscapes! With its top box that can be filled with, for example, plastic plants, it easily becomes a decorative element in the interior. At the same time, it plays an extremely important function in open room solutions with its effective sound attenuation.

– Caroline, Designer of Zorla, Anca Inredningsarkitekter AB

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Dammsdal Boarding School

Dammsdal is a boarding school in Vingåker, run by the county council in Södermanland county. The business is primarily aimed at students with Asperger’s syndrome and other types of autism. Dammsdal has its roots in the school home for students with intellectual disabilities that existed during the years 1934-1968 at Säfstaholm Castle.


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