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We are on a mission

At Zilenzio, sustainability informs everything we do. We always strive to realise ambitious designs and champion smart processes – offering products that create a bold impression without leaving a heavy footprint on our planet. As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable practices, we’re introducing THE GREEN TAG, our latest initiative to interrogate and transform our environmental credentials right across our product range.

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Responding to the UN’s 17 goals for sustainable development (Agenda 2030), TMF has developed a vision for the long-term sustainability of the wood and furniture industry – and the goals to achieve it. Out of these goals, Zilenzio has selected three key areas to focus on:

  • Responsible purchasing
  • Sustainable innovations
  • Sustainable and responsible forestry

We will increase the filling rate on our transports by 20%

Up to 20% of our floor and table screens will also feature removable fabric

We aim to be climate neutral before 2030

20% of the stone wool in our floor and table screens will be sourced from recycled material

Quality and sustainable design

Long-lasting functionality is an attribute for which Zilenzio is famous – so our operations are guided by our commitment to high quality and sustainable design. The objective of our products is to provide the ultimate sound absorption, with meticulously designed details that ensure an unbeatable user experience.

At our woodworking facility located just outside Örebro, in Fjugesta, highly skilled craftsmen work to manufacture Zilenzio products for delivery all over the world. You can browse most of our products at our retailers’ showrooms in Sweden, Norway, and throughout the rest of Europe. Our largest showroom is situated in Örebro which is also the location of Zilenzio’s headquarters. Many of the products here have been installed in inspiring surroundings that enable our visitors to gain a clear idea of how the product will fit their own space and requirements.

“Quality assurance at all stages is paramount to us, so it’s crucial we have committed employees who fully understand the construction of our products, and are skilled in acoustics and design. These are our means for success.”

Marie Lindqvist-Pahlstad, Founder

Why Stone Wool?

Stone wool, a remarkable material made from natural stone. Containing no plastic or other dangerous substances, stone wool is also firesafe and brilliantly sound absorbing.

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In 2021 we kicked off THE GREEN TAG programme, read more about all our initiatives and projects we do to create a more sustainable future.

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