Stone Wool

Stone wool

Stone wool is made from 100% natural stone, a durable multi-purpose material that is practically
inexhaustible. It is durable, functional and environmentally friendly, and best in its noise class.
The most effective material for sound absorption.

— 100% plastics free. Made from natural stone

— Contains no harmful materials and is not classified as an irritating material

— Stone wool is incombustible. Fire class A1

Zilenzio x Ragn-Sells x ROCKWOOL

In 2021 we kicked off THE GREEN TAG programme with an exclusive collaboration between Zilenzio, waste management group Ragn-Sells Recycling AB, and stone wool producer Rockwool.

We’re the first brand of our kind to offer our customers a comprehensive return system in which old products made from stone wool are recycled and transformed into brand new products. Crucially, our products made from recycled material retain the same exceptional quality as before.