Zilenzio launches new products to the Focus collection

Zilenzio is introducing new products that reduce visual noise. The new Focus Pod Soft and the Focus Desk Divider provide you with the precise personal control you need at work. The new products are a part of the Focus family, designed by Note Design Studio.

– We regularly incorporate the entire Focus series into our projects, so developing them further has been an intuitive and very enjoyable process. The Focus series is both timeless and contemporary in its expression. The vertical repeating lines, along with the flowing soft form, are excellent for creating harmonies in diverse spaces. Also, it truly contributes to minimizing the visual noise. The products in the Focus series are extensively used in our studio, says Kristoffer Fagerström, designer and partner at Note.

Focus Pod Soft creates a soft, inviting, and pleasant atmosphere in rooms where the pod is placed. With a wide range of fabric choices, the pod can be customized to harmonize with all types of furnished spaces.

With Focus Desk Divider, you get a tranquil workspace that allows you to work concentrated, shielded from disturbing visual impressions. The desk screen is available in several variations and lengths for tables with straight or rounded corners. Focus Desk Divider fits equally well in homes as in open office landscapes.

– It is natural for us to expand the popular Focus collection together with Note. It is an elegant collection that brings a unique and delightful feeling to the room and offers infinite flexibility, says David Ornstein, marketing manager at Zilenzio.

The Focus series, designed by Note for Zilenzio, provides personal integrity and has quickly become popular for its flexibility, simplicity, and distinctive seam.


Contact Marketing Manager David Ornstein, david.ornstein@zilenzio.se, +46 72-076 63 85


Zilenzio has 20 years of experience in sound absorption and creating moments of silence for the ears and the eyes. The company’s responsive and sustainable approach to designing optimal work and living environments enables the delivery of thoughtful, high-quality solutions that soothe ears, eyes and the mind. Zilenzio is a Swedish company founded in 2004 by Marie Lindqvist-Pahlstad and Jenny Helldén, and over time, it has grown into a well-established business with customers worldwide.