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Floor Screen

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Optima is environmentally friendly in many ways. It is made of class A recycled PET plastic and has an interchangeable outer textile cover. The cover is easily be fitted on the screen and can be changed to another color or pattern.

The screen is lightweight and therefore ergonomic to install and move around.

Meets all the standards and requirements of Möbelfakta’s certifications for sustainability, quality and social responsibility.

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This product is a part of the Studio family.
Zilenzio Studio has been developed to suit projects where the requirements for sound absorption are slightly lower. The screen is available with removable fabric, with several different options for feet and fittings. Zilenzio Studio meets the market requirements with a complete and updated reference and labeling system. The system is based on three requirement areas. Quality (technical requirements), environment and responsible supply chains regarding socially, environmentally, and ethical responsibility.

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