Transvoice is a leading Swedish interpretation service company, providing thousands of interpretation and language services daily to entities such as the state, municipalities, and authorities, where many assignments are conducted over the phone. Consequently, they need to be heard clearly and well in the calls, have a confidentiality-protected environment free of overhearing, and provide a good working environment for their employees.

Encountering challenges with their previous solution, Transvoice made a strategic investment in Zilenzio’s solution to elevate the sound environment. The results speak volumes:

  • Increased employee happiness
  • Reduced sick leave rates
  • An astounding 80 percent decrease in disruptions from calls and conversations

Previously, 63% of employees found the noise level to be too loud. Thanks to the new solution, none of them perceive the noise as too loud. The solution includes Classic floor screen cubicles, crafted with stone wool and a solid core.

Jonas Ahlstedt, CEO of Transvoice, on the result of their investment in a good sound environment: “The employees are now more energetic. We have also noticed a decreased sick leave rate. Our staff is now happier, and they feel better in the workplace. The impact has been positive in all aspects”.


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