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The Green Tag Manifesto

Designing and making beautiful products of the highest quality and longest lifespan is our forever mission. From the way we manufacture our products and the materials we use to our packaging and recommended aftercare we ensure that every step of the journey is carefully considered. With changeable parts and the ability to recycle our products when they do finally reach the end of their lives, an intelligent approach to repair and reuse is inherent to our brand.

At Zilenzio we are committed to:

— Using our innovative mindset to develop more sustainable products and ensure our business model positively impacts the environment.

— Following the guidelines set out by Möbelfakta to ensure we provide excellent quality with strong environmental awareness and social responsibility.

— Using only FSC certified wood, sourced from responsibly managed forests.

— Offering removable fabric that can be easily switched, cleaned, or replaced when necessary.

— Championing the using of stone wool, a remarkable material made from natural stone. Containing no plastic or other dangerous substances, stone wool is also firesafe and brilliantly sound absorbing.

Partnering responsibly. We re building long-term relationships with partners who take sustainability seriously and promote transparency throughout the supply chain.

— Launching our programme with a new collaboration with Ragn-Sells and ROCKWOOL in the Nordic region. Our aim is to lead the charge towards authoritative yet lighter-impact products.