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The Green Tag Manifesto

We’re challenging the integrity and longevity of our brand from the inside out. And we’re inviting our customers and partners to join us on this exciting and essential mission.

The Green Tag is a symbol of our ongoing commitment to sustainability. It’s a daily reminder for us to interrogate every design and production decision we make. It’s our promise to tread lightly on the earth.

At Zilenzio we are committed to:

— Using our innovative mindset to develop more sustainable products and ensure our business model positively impacts the environment.

— Following the guidelines set out by Möbelfakta to ensure we provide excellent quality with strong environmental awareness and social responsibility.

— Using only FSC certified wood, sourced from responsibly managed forests.

— Offering removable fabric that can be easily switched, cleaned, or replaced when necessary.

— Launch a fabric cover adapted for recycling.

— Championing the using of stone wool, a remarkable material made from natural stone. Containing no plastic or other dangerous substances, stone wool is also firesafe and brilliantly sound absorbing.

— The filling In other products must consist of at least 70% recycled PET.

— Partnering responsibly. We re building long-term relationships with partners who take sustainability seriously and promote transparency throughout the supply chain.

— Launching our programme with a new collaboration with Ragn-Sells and ROCKWOOLin the Nordic region. Our aim is to lead the charge towards authoritative yet lighter-impact products.

— Review our logistics and how we package our products, and we want to transport our products with as little impact as possible and reduce the proportion of air in our transports by 20%.

— We compensate for the climate by buying one tree per order, in 2021, it corresponded to compensation for 334 tonnes of Co2, 21, 042 square meters of protected forest, and also home to ovet 15 red-listed animal species.

— Minimize the waste of fabric and promote the use of environmentally friendly fabrics.

— Start a collaboration with Örebro University.

Zilenzio x The Gold Standard

Zilenzio aims to map our climate impact throughout the chain, but it takes time and is very complex. Until it is clear, we choose to compensate for the climate from a global perspective and support a Gold Standard project called Tropical mix, the only forest project in the world that is triple certified with Gold Standard, FSC and UTZ.

One ton in the Gold Standard project Tropical Mix corresponds to approximately seven planted trees and 65 sqm of protected forest. We plant one tree per order, which in 2021 corresponds to 334 tones, 21,042 sqm of protected forest and home to over 15 red – listed animal species.

Replacable fabric

Several of our products are available with replaceable fabric to extend the product’s life and offer a truly sustainable alternative. From 2022 we will not be charging extra on removable fabrics for the Dezibel family.